Innovation Project Planning FY2018-19 Potential Contractor Outreach Workshop - Nov 2018

Innovation Potential Contractor Outreach Workshop Flyer

Dear Stakeholders,

Thank you for your ongoing participation in Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) community planning processes in partnership with Behavioral Health and Recovery Services’ (BHRS). We value your input and are committed to keeping you informed as we prepare for or work together to develop new Innovation projects in FY2018-19. Often we find that RFP development processes take longer than anticipated and this one is no exception. Our priority is to ensure that outreach workshops (PCOW) are well timed to pre-release of the RFP and that the RFP content is the best it can be to support excellent INN projects. With that goal in mind, this is email includes two updates regarding 1) our process since the recent meeting on July 13, 2018 and 2) update concerning Vendor Registration. 1) The table below shows the proposed timeline, shared on July 13th and in the shaded lower part of the table shows timeline updates:

July 13, 2018 Aug-Sept 2018 Oct - Jan 2019 January – June 2019 July – Aug. 2019
Stakeholder input to INN project opportunities Pre-RFP release Potential Contractor Outreach Workshops (PCOW) RFP posted, projects reviewed and selected for award New projects to 30 day public review>BOS approval> OAC approval Project(s) begin
Complete In process:
1) Stakeholder input incorporated into RFP in development by BHRS and GSA Dept.
2) PCOW dates TBD late Oct - early Nov
In process:
1) RFP posting date TBD in November,
2) Projects reviewed and selected for award by Jan 2019
No change in projected timeline No change in projected timeline

2) Additional update: Please note that Stanislaus County has engaged PlanetBids for web-based vendor and bid management system. You may visit the County of Stanislaus Vendor Portal at any time to update your previous vendor profile. If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it by selecting "Forgot Password" in the lower right hand corner of the Vendor Portal.

Please feel free to share the information with the stakeholder group you represent.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with Leng Power gro.srhbnats@rewopl or Karen Hurley gro.srhbnats@yelruhk if you have questions or other inputs.

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