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Stanislaus County MHSA

Welcome to the Stanislaus County MHSA Website

Welcome to the Stanislaus County Mental Health Services Act website. The Mental Health Services Act provided funding to counties to expand and develop innovative, integrated services for children, adults and older adults. California's voters passed MHSA in November 2004. The intent of this site is to inform and invite our community to participate in the implementation of the MHSA.

Theory of Change

MHSA Five Components

  1. Community Services and Supports (CSS) - Provides funds for direct services to individuals with severe mental illness. Full Service Partnerships (FSP) are in this category; FSP's provide wrap-around services or "whatever it takes" services to consumers. Housing is also included in this category.
  2. Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) - provides historic investment of 20% of the MHSA funding for outreach programs for families, providers, and others to recognize early signs of mental illness and to improve early access to services and programs to reduce stigma and discrimination.
  3. Workforce Education and Training (WET) - Provides funding to improve the capacity of the mental health workforce.
  4. Capital Facilities and Technological Needs (CFTN) - Provides funding for building projects and increasing technological capacity to improve mental illness service delivery
  5. Innovation (INN) - Funds and evaluates new approaches that increase access to the unserved and underserved communities, promote interagency collaboration and increase the quality of services.






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