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Stanislaus County MHSA

Welcome to the Stanislaus County MHSA Website

Welcome to the Stanislaus County Mental Health Services Act website. The Mental Health Services Act provided funding to counties to expand and develop innovative, integrated services for children, adults and older adults. California's voters passed MHSA in November 2004. The intent of this site is to inform and invite our community to participate in the implementation of the MHSA.

NEW 3/24/15: DRAFT: MHSA Annual Update FY 2015-2016

NEW: MHSA Representative Stakeholder Steering Committee Meeting 2/27/15 -



CSS Information Sheet

CSS Theory of Change

PEI Information Sheet

PEI Theory of Change

WET Information Sheet

WET Theory of Change

Capital Facilities/Technological Needs Information Sheet

Capital Facilities/Technological Needs Theory of Change

Innovation Information Sheet

Innovation Theory if Change

NEW: Stakeholder Priority Populations from 6/20/14

MHSA Overview

MHSA Five Components

MHSA Fact Sheet FAQ

MHSA Glossary

10/08/2014 -

MHSA FY 2014-15 Plan Update

Theory of Change

Annual Updates:

FINAL - Stanislaus County FY 14-15 Annual Update and 3 year Program and Expenditure Plan

6/14/13 - MHSA Annual Update FY13-14

MHSA Annual Update FY 2014-15 Three Year Program and Expenditure Plan


6/24/13 - Bennett Place Project



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